Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 2 - Lunch/Dinner

As I was taking Karly and her beau home after our volunteer work this morning, I received a text from my partner-in-dieting, asking if I wanted to have lunch with her. "Sure!" was my response. By self-admission, we were both kind of irritable (she's eating 1/3 her daily calories; I am getting 1/6, so the mood is understandable), but after a lunch of broiled shrimp (like last night's dinner) and some spinach using the same recipe I made yesterday for lunch, our moods brightened somewhat (and for less than 200 calories each). She had lots of things to do around the house, so I left shortly thereafter, intent on hitting the gym before heading home.

Unfortunately, my energy did not last long, and before I got to the gym I realized that I no longer had the energy to work out. Timing energy expenditures on this diet is turning out to be challenging. I am going to go early tomorrow morning in order to avoid the mid- to late-day energy dip I have been experiencing. I did have a small boost of energy late today - after a nap - that allowed me to get some work done, but it burned out quickly and now I am really just waiting for the sun to go down so I can go to bed.

She appears to be doing better than I am, at least in terms of available energy. She was tackling chores around the house when we texted mid-afternoon. It could be because of the difference in calorie-deficit ratios between her and me, her previous experiences with the diet, or it could just as likely be sheer hutzpah; regardless, she is definitely beating me in the energy department today. All I was able to do was buy the materials needed to take the horrendous wall paper down from one of my bedroom walls. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have the energy to remove the stuff - blech!

The plus side to all this is that I lost another 1½ pounds since this morning, even though I have had half a grapefruit and the aforementioned lunch. The down side is that I definitely do not feel myself. My mood continues to linger in the down position, and my energy level is very low. The fact that I could not face the gym was kind of depressing, to be honest. Still, it's too soon to judge, as it is entirely possible that things will turn around tomorrow!

Speaking of awesomeness, she reported a loss of four pounds this morning - incredible! This diet is obviously working for her, and it is encouraging to hear of her success. I would like to say I'm jealous, but I think she's eating less than the 500 calories allowed... and I'm certainly not jealous of that! :)

Because I am low on energy, tonight I shall make something simple: chicken en papillote. I'll put the massive 100g chicken tenderloin - sarcasm intended - in a foil pouch along with plenty of asparagus (for the diuretic effect) chopped into bite-sized lengths, along with some Herbs de Provence, powdered garlic, pepper, salt, water and lemon juice. I will report back tomorrow as to how it all came together. I expect it will taste great... but I may be too tired to eat it!


- Rodney
HCG Wingman

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