Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 2 - Morning

I fell asleep last night while Karly and I were watching Good Eats - our favorite - on YouTube. One might ask why I was watching a cooking show while on this crazy diet... well, I can't explain it myself.

After the morning ritual of cat feeding/litter box scooping/coffee making, I weighed in. Before any trips to the bathroom, I came in at 225½ pounds, a 1½ lb reduction from yesterday. Cause to celebrate? Maybe, but let's think a little harder about that...

The first three days of this diet - days which are not logged on this blog - are supposed to be "gorge" days. On those days, you are supposed to load up on the most fat laden foods you can stand to eat. The foods tend to be high in carbs too. My partner and I did our best, but could only really manage to do it two days out of the three*. I felt totally gross by the time the diet started yesterday. I was bloated and had managed to put five pounds on - most likely water weight - and was feeling worse than I had felt since starting Atkins 2+ years ago.

Considering this, my 1½ lb loss since yesterday means I only have 3½ more pounds to lose before I am back to the weight I was before starting this diet...?

I know that sounds pretty pessimistic, but it's really just me being objective. After all, if we are to evaluate this diet in a meaningful way, it must be done as rationally and objectively as possible. That said, I have fallen for crazy health fads that made fantastic promises before, and have since become rather skeptical of them; I am trying to not be biased in my evaluation, but being human it's bound to creep in from time to time. Feel free to warn me if you see it crop up.

I also find myself feeling a little grouchy this morning. This is not normal for me. I live a good, low stress life and am quite blessed for it. My blood sugar came in around 106 (after a cup of Joe with the allowed 1 tbsp of milk - not cream - in it), so no worries there. One incidence of foul mood cannot necessarily be associated with the diet, so I'll leave it at that for now.

Regardless, I shall continue to forge ahead and am ready for Day 2! Karly and I are off to the Kirshner Wildlife Foundation for our volunteer work this morning, then she's back to town for some time with her beau before heading to work for the evening. I'll come back up the hill and make lunch - probably chicken and spinach, unless I have time to stop at the store and grab some chard, and then keep myself busy for the day. Unfortunately, my partner will be busy herself all day, catching up on the chores that have been neglected thanks to us spending so much - wonderful and well spent - time together. She would be the best distraction of all, but there you go... :)


- Rodney
HCG Wingman

* We actually eat really healthy when together, our love of fine wine being our only note worthy vice.

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